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  Answers to Popular Questions

Many customers want to know more.


What brand of equipment is best?
Our brand is Trane. Occasionally there is a need for something unusual, and we can provide any type of components or accessories.


How much will a new system cost?
It depends on several things.
The best approach is to visit the job, talk about the situation, and gather pertinent information. Then recommendations can be made and proposals provided.


What can be done about mold?
We have had success with UV lights.
Working with several ultraviolet light products, we have stopped mold in AC systems and on supply grilles.


What about freon?
Freon is a DuPont trade name for their refrigerant products.
It has been widely used as a generic name for decades, but with the phase-outs mandated by the Clean Air Act, it may become an obsolete term. Most of the major air conditioning manufactures have developed new product lines that use an alternative refrigerant 410-a. The refrigerant itself is not considered quite as efficient a heat transfer medium as the older fluids were, but it is important to realize that it is not the refrigerant itself that determines the efficiency of a system. It the design of the equipment and its 4 basic components that use power to transfer heat energy and provide comfort.

You need to know the Cooling Pro

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